Serves 2-4

This recipe is good for special occasions – it’s a sort of vegan Sunday roast – and the meat eaters will enjoy it too!

I small pumpkin
1 tbs oil
2 packs watties free flow frozen spinach or 2 heads of chopped silver beet
4-5 large brown mushrooms
100 g or so nuts (pine nuts are especially good, but expensive, so you could use chopped up almonds or hazel nuts)
A good handful of savoury yeast

Chop the mushrooms into 2 cm chunks and gently cook over a low heat. If you are using silver beet, wash it well and slice up into strips about 3 cm wide (no need to be exact!)

Stir in the spinach or silver beet and cook until most of the liquid has disappeared.

Cut the top off the pumpkin (keep the top, you are going to use it as a lid) and hollow it out as though you are making a hallowe’en lantern.

Add the pine nuts and thicken the mixture with the yeast. This should give you a lovely rich tasty stuffing, so check how it tastes and add more yeast or other flavouring.

Put your pumpkin on a tray, pack with the stuffing, pop the lid on and bake at around 180° for about an hour and half.