For a change, I did some forward planning yesterday and soaked some haricot beans.  Actually, to tell you the truth, I soaked a LOT of haricot beans.  I’ve been making fasoulia for years, it’s great comfort food when served hot, although the original recipe I had said serve it cold.  I have made enough to feed a small army for weeks, or me for several days.  If you cut all the ingredients below by a third, you could feed 4 people easily.

I was looking forward to eating it so much that I got up early and set wholemeal bread going in the breadmaker.

GENEROUS quantities of olive oil (I used about 300 ml)
Whole peeled cloves of garlic
4 medium onions
About 750 grams haricot beans (soaked over night)
3-4 bay leaves
1-2 tablespoons thyme
1 can tomatoes, or 3 big tablespoons tomato puree
2 or 3 lemons

Roughly chop the onions and gently fry in the oil until transparent.  Add all the other ingredients except the lemons, cover with water and either cook all day in a slow cooker or on cooktop or in the stove for about an hour.

It’s cooked when the beans still hold their shape, but are not hard.  Squeeze over the juice of the lemons and season to taste.

If you like, you can add celery and carrots.

This tastes great either hot with hunks of warm bread to mop up the sauce or cold with lettuce.