Cafe Vegan NZ

I started Cafe Vegan as a resource for new vegans. My aim is to assemble lots of quick, easy recipes made out of easy to obtain ingredients. Please feel free to submit any suggestions. Ideas for vegan-friendly NZ eateries are also very welcome! I'd also like help putting together lists of vegan ready-made foods.

Vegan pre-made food


I Love Pies

Taste of India Kabuli dhal (Heat and eat in a black pottle)


Homebake orange and choc chip – great cheese sauce mix and lots of other yummy stuff, including vegan meringues! – distributors of Fry’s frozen foods.  I love the chia bites, but they are EXPENSIVE!!


One thought on “Vegan pre-made food

  1. Nice to see New World has finally got a decent selection of Frys food. As a wannavegan, I find sausage rolls at work my ultimate downfall. Now I have Frys’ in the freezer, which are just as tasty and much healthier!

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